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Monday, May 3, 2010

You Suck, L.L. Bean

Knowing that I’m in the medical clearance phase of my PC application, I thought it would be wise to apply for a second job in the interim. L.L. Bean seemed like a good choice, since they’re known for their outdoorsy apparel and general lefty attitude. Only problem: application denied. Boo. Apparently, my skill set (college graduate, bilingual, costumer service experience) does not match their current needs. Bitter? A little. I guess I’ll be shopping at the North Face for my PC supplies--assuming that my med clearance goes well.

I looked through my paperwork yesterday, and it is intense. I’m hoping my stint in therapy doesn’t limit my eligibility--I’m going to ask both my shrink and my regular doctor to write a letter of consent along with the forms they have to fill out. I’m also required to write a statement of purpose, which I was sort of expecting. I guess it’s time to plead my case.

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