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Friday, January 21, 2011

The best thing I’ve done in a while

I’m proud to report that I’ve given away 14 bags/boxes of clothing, toys, books, shoes, and other assorted goods. Add to that 8 bags of trash and 2 bags of recyclable paper, and I’d say I’ve done a pretty damn good job de-cluttering, if I do say so myself.

After quitting my jobs, I spent about two weeks relishing the openness of my schedule. I woke up whenever I felt like it, read the NY Times and PC blogs, and generally allowed myself to recover from several months of 4:30am mornings. During my internet surfing, I stumbled across the blog Zen Habits, that promotes minimalism and de-cluttering. Something rung true. Since I’d already packed for Paraguay, I decided to do a clean sweep of the stuff I’m leaving behind.

There were moments when going through my stuff was bittersweet (remember that first trip to Disney?), but other moments were absolutely exhilarating (finally trashing my old RA binder). I feel lighter, happier, and calmer now that I’ve opened up some physical and mental space. Highly recommended :)

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