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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Call to the Corps

Today I finally broke down and called the medical office and asked for information on the status of my file. Apparently, my contact person has gone to law school, so there’s a new guy who’s taken over her spot. He told me that “unfortunately” (his words) my file was assigned to a part time nurse, which means most likely it’s been sitting in a pile untouched for the past 2 1/2 months. Great to know. Although, I must admit that I figured as much. I’ve learned time and again that the squeaky wheel gets the oil, but I didn’t want to pester. I regret not calling sooner. He promised to call me with follow-up information this afternoon, a small but positive sign. The guy was nice and helpful, but the whole call begs the question, “what would have happened if I didn’t bother checking up?” Answer: it may have remained in limbo forever. That’s horrible.

As for my life, I’m taking my lumps at Sbux/the Cup, though perhaps not as gracefully as I would like. The 2 dead end job thing is taking its toll, and I’d like to hear some information that reminds me why I’ve made the choices I have for the remainder of 2010. I’m willing to make the sacrifice so long as I know that there’s a clear end in sight--a goal, a destination, a plan. I just about have to bite my tongue off at this point when people at CoffeeBux ask why I’m working there and what my future plans are. As per PC suggestion, I haven’t mentioned my application to them. I’m so fed up with the nonsense that goes on at that place; I need to make my move soon, before the siren slowly strangles my soul. If not the Peace Corps, then something else. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that makes you contemplate time and money like the current ridiculousity of my work schedule.

Things, however, are not all bad. Mom, Linda and I booked a cheap trip to Dublin for November...bring on the Irish mirth and Guinness pints :) I find that since the Peace Corps seems nebulous at times, I focus on mini-adventures/outings to take my mind off the mindlessness of my current jobs. This weekend, for instance, I’m going to visit Darren in NYC. Trips like that keep me going when I’m in the middle of a double double. So does snuggling with Finn, like I’m doing right now.

Let’s hope for a phone call, shall we?

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  1. hi! i came across you blog through PC journals - I'm nominated for C/SA for Feb 2011 for community development and our timeline seems quite similar. The suspense is killer. I was going to wait to start calling them in October if I hadn't heard anything. You'll have to keep us posted if the phone call worked some magic! Maybe my medical packet is right below yours. Just maybe.